About Us

The very name “Country Fire Service” conjures up visions of a Service which fights grassfires and bushfires, and in the last 20 years there have been a number of bushfires which has brought the Country Fire Service into the public eye. These fires include the Victorian and NSW Fires, Eden Valley Fire, Bangor Ranges Fire. In fact grass and scrub fires only account for 13% of total callouts in our Brigade area.

As we live in an urban/rural area, the majority of callouts are urban related. Automatic Fire Alarms account for a large number of callouts although with the improvements in technology these numbers are dropping. Structures connected to Automatic Fire Alarms include the nursing homes, hospital, shopping complexes, and telephone installations.

Although structure fires only represent a small percentage of callouts, these usually cause the greatest amount of damage due to the high cost of building and furnishing a structure. Some large structure fires in the area have included the Blackwood High School in 1971 and 1972, Caddys Tavern in 1992, Blackwood Primary School in 1994 and the Blackwood Cold Stores located on Station avenue in 2003. In contrast to full structure involvement we attend a large number of smaller domestic fires such as chimney, switchboard and kitchen fires.

But it is not always fire damage to structures we attend. Severe storms days have seen us busy removing fallen trees, tarping, sand bagging and pumping to help salvage homes. Response to motor vehicle accidents has become one of our key responsibilities contributing to an average of 30% of our calls.

The majority of callouts only require traffic management, debris, petrol and oil to be cleaned from the roadway and standby with hose lines in case of fire, however, we are also called to rescue patients from vehicles in which they are trapped. We are the primary response brigade for these rescues our Hydraulic Heavy Rescue Equipment is carried on our 24 Rescue appliance, as a brigade we also support other Districts as a support rescue team.

Blackwood CFS responds to around 250 calls per year. Totals for incidents attended in previous years listed below

YEAR Count Hours
2013-14 238 2244 Hrs
2012-13 263 1632 Hrs
2011-12 239 1376 Hrs
2010-11 297 1453 Hrs
2009-10 248 3689 Hrs
2008-09 215 1203 Hrs
2007-08 152 1643 Hrs
2006-07 230 1900 Hrs
2005-06 208 1223 Hrs
2004-05 265 1665 Hrs
2003-04 232 1616 Hrs
2002-03 188 1080 Hrs
2001-02 237 2266 Hrs
2000-01 271
1999-00 280
1998-99 220
1997-98 239